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Baby Lock Valiant



    Embrace your enterprising spirit and get the most out of a multi-needle machine with Baby Lock. With 10 needles and a speed of 1,000 stitches per minute, this machine is ideal for anyone looking for industrial power in a home embroidery machine. Baby Lock IQ Technology™ powers smart, user-friendly features, such as the NeedleCam™ Digital Camera, by working with the "brain" of the Valiant to achieve the results you desire. The Valiant is perfect for your most detailed embroidery designs and can help any embroidery business grow.

     10 Needles

    With the Baby Lock Valiant you get both quantity and quality. With 10 needles, the Valiant gives you the opportunity to take on more than ever before. Large designs, multiples, or even gorgeous 10-color designs can be embroidered with minimal set-up or thread changes at a speed of 1,000 stitches per minute.

     LED Colored Thread Spool Lights

    If you think 10 needles is a lot to handle, the Valiant has just the thing for you. This machine comes with 10 built-in LED spool stand lights to help you keep your threads in order. The LED lighting on each spool changes to match thread colors and signals when a spool needs to be changed.

     TruView™ ASV LCD Screen

    With over 16 million colors, the Valiant’s high-definition TrueView ASV LCD screen brings your embroidery designs to life. Images are displayed with more clarity than ever before. With adjustable thumbnails and the ability to magnify your designs on screen up to 200%, the Valiant makes it easy to see any design flaws before you stitch.

     NeedleCam™Digital Camera

    Thanks to the NeedleCam digital camera, your needle area can be clearly shown on the LCD screen. With this view, you can see exactly where the needle will drop. Also the Valiant recognizes the embroidery positioning stickers and positions the embroidery automatically so you can place every design with extreme precision.

     On-Screen Editing

    With the Valiant editing features, you can combine, reposition, resize, rotate and mirror your designs and watch as the changes happen instantly on the LCD screen. Alter designs individually, or group design elements together to quickly move or edit the design.

     14" x 14" Embroidery Hoop

    The optional 14" x 14" (360mm x 360mm) jumbo hoop is perfect for large projects like jacket backs and quilt blocks. The jumbo hoop is activated through the Palette 9 embroidery software.

     Convenient Bobbin System

    The Valiant has a unique front-loading bobbin system, with a vertical hook that allows you to change bobbins without removing your embroidery hoop.

    • 10 needles - 1 position for each needle
    • 4 Included embroidery hoops
    • Maximum embroidery speed -1,000 stitches per minute
    • Maximum embroidery fill stitching speed -1,000 stitches per minute
    • Embroiders up to 7 7/8" x 14" (200mm x 360mm) embroidery field or optional 14" x 14" (360mm x 360mm) frame using Palette 9 Software
    • LCD Maximum reading capacity: 500,000 stitches, or 500 color changes, or 2MB
    • 110 built-in designs
    • 30 built in fonts
    • 3 monogram fonts with frames
    • 120 frame combinations
    • TruView™ HD LCD Color Touch Screen Shows 260,000 colors and measures 8.5" diagonally
    • NeedleCam™ Digital Camera for perfect embroidery positioning
    • Design placement using drag and drop capabilities
    • Estimated embroidery time display and stitch count
    • Needle advancement (1, 10,100 or 1000 stitch increments)
    • 200% Design magnification on screen
    • Thread color indicator
    • Thread warning indicator
    • 3 USB drives; 2 (Type A) drives, version 2.0 connects with flash drives and CD-Rom drives and version 1.1 connects with mouse, and hub, and 1 (Type B) USB direct connect to a PC
    • Linking capabilities allow up to 4 machines to connect to Palette 9 software through a powered hub
    • 5 LED lights with dimming settings to illuminate work area
    • LED spool stand lighting aids in thread placement and lights for thread spool warning
    • Built-in memory (1.7MB)
    • Bobbin system: front loading, vertical rotary hook
    • Push button, automatic needle threaders
    • Upper thread breakage sensors
    • Manual tension controls
    • Automatic thread trimmer (upper and lower)
    • On-screen speed control
    • Uses pre-wound bobbins
    • Built-in operation guide with videos
    • Built-in help messages
    • Auto save feature - automatically saves last design when power is turned off or a power failure occurs
    • Warranty (25 years product casting, 5 years circuit boards, 5 years electrical, 2 year parts, 1 year labor)

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