BERNINA L220 Cover and Chainstitch for a professional look.

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    BERNINA L220

    Professional Looking Finish in a Single Step

    Working with an overlocker/serger sewing speed of up to 1,300 stitches/minute means you are saving lots of time.  Sewing projects take shape quickly and with little effort.  The L220 allows you to sew fast and smoothly at any speed.

    Automatic Looper Threader

    The BERNINA L220 has a fuss-free automatic chain looper threader. Flip open the lid, press down the threader, thread the looper, release the threader, and that's it. Threading has never been so easy!

    Flat Joining Seam with Coverstitch

    With some clothes, nothing should rub against your skin. The coverstitch provides perfectly flat joining seams for superior wearing comfort.

    BERNINA sewing machines are known around the globe for their reliability, ease of use and outstanding quality. With an incredible assortment of accessories you can push the limit even further than you ever imagined.


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    PLEASE CALL FOR MORE INFORMATION (785) 842-1595 or 1-800-397-7750

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