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Cosmopolitan by Michele D'Amore comes in three oh so fresh colorways turquoise/gray, lime/gray and yellow/gray. This collection boasts with water-color like large florals and tulips perfect for quilt and bedding projects. Cosmopolitan is also beautiful for chic dresses, tote bags and home dec projects.

Fabric is sold with a minimum 1 yard order. Beyond the initial yard, we will be happy to add fabric in .25 (1/4 yard) increments. For example, just enter your order as 1.25 for 1 1/4 yard or 1.5 for 1 1/2 yard. The maximum online order is 10 yards. If you would like to purchase in larger quantities, please call us at (785) 842-1595 or if out of our area use 1 (800) 397-7750.

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