Q: Do you repair machines in-house?

A: Yes, we do! We have Certified BERNINA & Baby Lock techs in our service department who are also trained to repair other brands of sewing machines.

Q: What models do you repair?

A: We service and repair all residential makes and models of sewing machines! No matter the age or condition of your machine, we will work on it. Be aware that for machines over 30 years old, we cannot guarantee parts are still available.

Q: Can you tell me the average cost of service?

A: Depending on your machine brand and model this varies from $99 to $499.  Give us a call to get the specifics for your machine.

Q: Will you load and unload my sewing machine for me?

A: Yes! We will unload and load your machine for you. Some machines are heavy, and we don’t want you to have to carry them in. Please come into the store first, and we will be pleased to assist you with your machine.

Q: Will I have to leave my machine with you?

A: Unfortunately you will. We know this isn’t ideal for you, but it will need to stay with us during the repair process.

Q: What do I need to bring with my machine?

A: The machine with its power cord, bobbin case and bobbin, zig-zag foot, and foot pedal for us to test it when you bring it in for service. If you are having problems with an attachment for the machine, you should bring that attachment as well. Embroidery unit service is optional for an additional fee, so do not bring your embroidery module unless you want it serviced or you are having issues with embroidery.

Q: Do you schedule bench appointments?

A: Rarely and at the discretion of the store owner. Machines which are brought in are serviced in the order they arrived. We do this to ensure fair treatment to our customers and provide faster service for everyone.

Q: How will I know when my repair is complete?

A: You will receive a phone call, text or email (you choose)  from one of our technicians when your repair is complete!

Q: I’m coming in from out of town. Can you fix my machine while I’m in town?

A: Maybe! These cases are handled on an individual basis. Please contact the store to find out. Typically, bench appointments will only be made for individuals who live outside of Kansas and Western Missouri.

Have more questions? Call us at 785-842-1595 or email us at and we'll be happy to answer them!